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marijuana growing informationMarijuana comes from a plant and hence it can also be called as a natural substance which is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco users but there are instances when people overuse weed or get addicted to this drug. This is the reason why it is illegal in many states but there are many efforts being made to legalize it because it is known to offer a large number of health benefits. Moreover cannabis is safer as compared to the other drugs like heroin and cocaine which makes it a potentially safe drug that can be used for treating many health conditions. Marijuana legalization is very important because prohibition can lead to many crimes for procuring this drug and there are many evidences for the support of legalization.

Ending marijuana prohibition is the best way of reducing the social costs of using this drug because the deleterious effects of the weed prohibition can run from wasting a large number of resources to ruining the lives of people abusing this drug. Moreover there are many police who are employed for arresting, imprisoning and booking the marijuana smokers even though if these people are law abiding. Furthermore it has also resulted in innocent people spending many years of their lives even decades in the prison as they might have been imprisoned for possessing cannabis. Thus when marijuana becomes legalized, it will prevent all these kind of instances as it will help in reducing the resources wastage as employments of police force for checking the use of weed. Therefore legalization of weed is favorable because it is known to be used for many practical purposes most importantly the medical uses of cannabis. Weed is known to be filled with nutritional value because the seed of the plant is highly nutritious and it is also rich in iron, calcium and omega which is the reason why using this drug will help in adding nutrition for everyday use. Therefore with all the benefits of using marijuana, it will help in treating certain conditions and treatment for providing relief from the pain of these conditions and its symptoms. There are many people who are in support for legalizing cannabis so that people of these states can freely use this drug for enjoying the health benefits of using the pot in an unrestricted manner. It is also considered as the most attractive medical option for patients because they can get this drug easily so that they will not have to use the pharmaceutical medications that contain harmful chemicals.

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It has been proven that marijuana has about 82% of real benefits that will be delivered to the patients when they use this drug as it helps in treating a wide range of medical conditions along with being an excellent appetite suppressant. Cannabis also helps in arthritis inflammation and pain so that patients will experience a complete relief from every kind of pain caused because of joint and body pain. Therefore it can also be said that pot is an excellent painkiller as compared to the narcotic painkillers that are available in the market. It also has less potential for addiction being using cannabis will help in treating many conditions that might cause severe to chronic pain in the body. The legal sale of weed can be very helpful for the patients because they might have to face criminal charges when they purchase pot illegally. Moreover buying an illegal drug can also be referred to as a harmful drug but legalizing it will help in eliminating the problems associated with getting this drug illegally. This will also help in saving the court costs because when cannabis is an illegal drug then a large number of people who will get arrested for using, buying or abusing this drug thereby leading to a large number of criminal charges. Hence they will have to spend a large amount of money on the court cases which makes it even more important to legalize weed so that these kinds of problems can be eliminated. This will also help the court in concentrating on the more serious legal cases rather than working with the prisoners who have been acquitted because of possessing cannabis.

There are many states who want to legalize marijuana as it is being widely used for medicinal purposes rather than recreational use because restrictions will cause many ill effects and increases the instances of crime among people. Weed is being widely used for health reasons because it helps in treating many serious health issues and even if someone is suffering from cancer getting weed can become difficult. Thus legalizing this drug will reduce the stress and issues relating to getting the drug for using it as a medicine. Thus cancer patients will not have to travel to other states for getting weed where it is legal so that their lives will become better and healthier. When there is no stigma attached to the use of cannabis, it will become more beneficial for the patients so that they can purchase weed for medicinal purposes. Moreover legalizing this wonder drug will prevent these patients from worry as they will be able to get cannabis when they need for treating their serious health problems. Even though there are many risks associated with the use of weed, but the benefits enjoyed by the patients is more in numbers as they will get the best treatment for their illness and health conditions. It is a safe and natural alternative that will offer them relief from any kind of debilitating condition as they will not have to suffer from any kind of pain. But it is important to know the exact amount of using cannabis that is prescribed by the doctors for getting the required health benefits and it will make it even more efficient for getting the benefits of this legalized drug. These are the reasons why the government and the authorized authorities are striving to legalize the use of this drug so that it does not cause any inconvenience for the patients.

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Whenever we talk about marijuana or cannabis in the strictest sense of the term, we often associate it with substance abuse. While there could significant truth that cannabis is being used rampantly as a substance abuse drug, the medical benefits associated with it are immense. Just because a drug is being misused does not mean that the overall benefits of the same should also be set aside. If that be the logic even today there are many potential life threatening medicinal drugs which are being used the wrong way.

The Sordid Story Of NSAIDS Needs To Be Kept In Mind

Even some painkillers like ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium are being used indiscriminately knowing well that the long term health risks of these NSAIDs could be devastating. Hence the need of the hour is to find out ways and means by which use of cannabis can be made more widespread. The challenge lies in controlling the use of the drug and coming out with dosage regimens and methods which make it difficult for being misused as a substance abuse drug. Only when we are able to find out the various benefits and advantages associated with medical marijuana would we be able to push the case for more widespread use of the drug. So let us try and have a look at the various new medical benefits and uses of cannabis.

Effective Pain Management With Little Side Effects

New studies and research has shown that controlled used of cannabis along with other opiates could help a lot in managing chronic pain. It is useful after surgery and also for those who are suffering from chronic and unbearable pain caused by cancer and other terminal diseases. However the dosage has to be carefully monitored and the existing medical and physical conditions of the patients has to be considered. However, it might be a safer alternative to some potentially damaging NSAID like ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium.

It Could Help In Multiple Sclerosis

The use of medical marijuana has also been found to be useful for those who are victims of MS or multiple sclerosis. People suffering from MS are victims of extreme muscle stiffness and rigidity. When they are treated with inhalable puffs of cannabis, it has been found to be a great nerve, muscle and tissues relaxant. However studies are still in the nascent stages and more research needs to be done. There is no doubt that it does offer a lot of hope for those suffering from severe neurological disabilities.

It Could Be A Good Drug For Managing Symptoms Associated With Epilepsy

Seizures and epileptic attacks are common with people who suffer from brain disorders. For such groups of patients, there are reasons to believe that choosing medical marijuana as an alternate medication could be an intelligent decision. There are some special ingredients in marijuana which play a big role in controlling and reversing spontaneous seizures which are the hallmark of those who suffer from different stages and kinds of epilepsies.

It Could Help In Improving Appetite

One of the biggest challenges with people suffering from HIV and AIDS is almost a complete and total lack of appetite. This leads to degradation of the overall health and well being. For such patients, use of cannabis could give them a ray of hope. The medications which are given to patients suffering from HIV play a negative role in masking appetite and to overcome this use of cannabis could be a great way forward. However, as mentioned earlier the risks versus benefits associated with the use of marijuana on HIV patients can be best assessed by the doctors who are treating such cases.

Could Reduce Brain Damage From Stroke

Stroke often leads to severe and irreversible damage to the brain because of the plethora of minutely sized nerves and blood vessels that might get impacted. However, when such patients have been put on controlled doses of medical marijuana the damage to the brain tissues, vessels and nerves can be reduced and in many cases even repaired fully. The neurologists have to take a call on the use of marijuana based on the overall condition of the patient.


At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the benefits of using cannabis as a medicine far outweigh the risk of it being used as a substance abuse product. The onus lies on the medical fraternity and the government of the day to ensure that marijuana gets is due place in treating various chronic diseases and medical conditions.