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If you want to learn more about vaporizer pens then please feel free to check out Paint The Moon’s 2017 Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide where they break down exactly how to use these products for maximum portability and exposure. After their full review they came up with the Kandy Pen’s Galaxy as the number 1 wax pen, which we tend to agree on.  Overall, we think that their buying guide is extremely accurate, and we would recommend it to our readers as well.  Feel free to drop by there and check it out, and then report back here to let us know what you think.  Anyway, lets get back to the tech!

Kandy Pens Donuts, Galaxy, and Dr. Dabber Aurora and Ghost Pen

So, if you want to know about a hot vape pen in 2017, then you absolutely have to be talking about the Kandy Pens lineup.  They have the Galaxy, Donuts, and other popular choices and models as well.  Another up and coming vape pen company is Dr. Dabber, with the Aurora, and Ghost Pen models available for high quality wax vaping.  We love these products, and now that they are built with high quality ceramic and quartz coils, chambers, and other materials, it makes them even that much more satisfying to use and take part in.

Kanger Subvod E Juice Vape Pen

Yes, we are covering e cigs and e juice too, because they are also considered “vape pens” and can be used with liquids, oils, and you can even make cannabis e juice to go with these pens now.  This kit comes highly recommended by us because it’s a great started sub ohm e juice kit that doesn’t need a complicated box mod configuration setup to get going, you simply fill it up with some of your favorite juice, press the button, and you’re off to the races!  This is a highly affordable kit as well, coming in at only $60 for the basic kit, and then it’s going to run you another $20 bucks for some juice, but then you are good to go and will be able to vape consistently every single day for a month straight without any delays or separation.  If you’re looking for a great way to get started vaping e juice, then this is definitely the way to go!

Quickdraw 300 DLX

quickdraw 300 dlx

You may see that we listed the 300 DLX and say “hey that’s an older vape pen”, but let me give you our reasons.  The reason we feel that this pen is still relevant is because it still remains the ONLY real multi-function 3 in 1 vaporizer pen on the market that actually can vaporize dried herbs.  To this date, no other company has produced a single 3 in 1 multi function style vape pen that can actually vaporize herbs except for the Quickdraw, which is why it’s still listed on our 2017 best vape pen’s buying guide, because it’s still the best vape pen out there dammit!!!!  If you want to go and buy one of those cheap 3 in 1 vape pens that uses a coil to burn the herbs then be my guest, but this is still the only pen that actually works for vaping herbs, so keep that in mind when you are considering which 3 in 1 vape pen to buy.

Final Thoughts About The 2017 Vape Pen Industry

As you can see, the vape pen industry is continuing to advance at an extremely rapid pace, and who knows what else will be created in the near future, as we make the shift from titanium to quartz, and coils to ceramic chambers.  Next in line we will be shifting into even more uncharted territories, and it will be an extremely exciting time to see what these product engineers will come up with next to satisfy our ravenous vaping appetites.  Millions of people are now using vape pens across the country, and it will likely continue growing as more people experience the benefits of using a personal vaporizer pen instead of smoking, which can damage the lungs and respiratory system after prolonged use.  Please get in touch with us for more information about vaping, and how you can get involved in the movement!

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Wax Pens refer to compact, and hence portable, devices which deliver a delicious, smooth taste while helping you cut down the toxins produced when waxes are combusted as you smoke. They are designed to use shatter or any other solid concentrate. By heating the wax just below their combustion point, wax pens release tasty concentrated CBDs and THC vapor for direct inhalation, as opposed to toxic smoke. Stay in touch with us, and check back to our blog regularly to discover the very best wax dab pen reviews anywhere online.

Types of power sources Wax Pens use

  1. Battery

The battery is the most common type, and can either be rechargeable or replaceable. For the rechargeable varieties, the power source is, permanently, affixed to the device similar to a cell phone. After exhausting the inbuilt power supply, you plug your machine to say a wall adapter and recharge it before using it again.

  1. Flame

Fame Vaporizers work by heating the wax and the device, just like when you are using a standard pipe, although they do not combust the wax; the vapor pens only vaporize it. Flame vaporizers are cheaper and ideal for quick vaping sessions.

  1. Butane

Butane powered. Vapes are perfect for off-grid users who don’t have reliable access to electricity. You burn butane so as to heat the atomizer, which in turn, vaporizers vaporizer elements. The Pens are portable and incredibly easy to use.

Best Vaporizers

  1. KandyPens Galaxy

The high-tech Galaxy Vaporizer is among the first vapes to feature Dual Quartz Rod Atomizers. The Wax pen has replaced the traditional ceramic rod with stable quartz crystal allowing you to experience the real flavor of your wax concentrates. Other than its advanced atomizer, Galaxy vapor pens feature a handy temperature control battery. With the capacity to utilize any of the three temperature settings (350, 390 and 430 degrees), the vaporizer allows you to experiment with a variety of heat levels.

  1. G pen vaporizer

G Pen vaporizer is your ultimate user-friendly wax pen. It focuses on discreteness and portability over flashiness, without compromising on functionality and power. At 5 inches, the Pen is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket for some fast, on-the-go use, in addition to an excellent charging time and remarkable battery life. This vaporizer is designed particularly for solid concentrates and uses a Dual Quartz Atomizer. It’s quick cartridge loading coupled with fast heat up enables it to deliver an easy, smooth and sweet draw.

  1. PAX Era Concentrates Vaporizer

Pax Era Vape Pen is a sleek, 3-inch-long vaporizer with no screens or buttons, expressly designed for instinctive use. It utilizes specific pre-filled cartridges, referred to as Era Pods; thus, you will not need to refill the pen yourself. The most outstanding Pax Era feature is Pax Vapor App, which serves as the control panel for the wax vaporizer. The app allows you to control heat settings and temperatures using your phone.


Due to advances in Vaporizer design and manufacture, Quartz, ceramic and titanium are now the trending industry standard. Current atomizers also feature advanced temperature control, increased overall dependability and extended battery life, all of which have helped vaporizers evolve into a lot more than just easy means of enjoying wax concentrates. The latest models accord you increased discretion, actually allowing you to expand your vaping horizons beyond the restrictions of your living room.