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Whenever we talk about marijuana or cannabis in the strictest sense of the term, we often associate it with substance abuse. While there could significant truth that cannabis is being used rampantly as a substance abuse drug, the medical benefits associated with it are immense. Just because a drug is being misused does not mean that the overall benefits of the same should also be set aside. If that be the logic even today there are many potential life threatening medicinal drugs which are being used the wrong way.

The Sordid Story Of NSAIDS Needs To Be Kept In Mind

Even some painkillers like ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium are being used indiscriminately knowing well that the long term health risks of these NSAIDs could be devastating. Hence the need of the hour is to find out ways and means by which use of cannabis can be made more widespread. The challenge lies in controlling the use of the drug and coming out with dosage regimens and methods which make it difficult for being misused as a substance abuse drug. Only when we are able to find out the various benefits and advantages associated with medical marijuana would we be able to push the case for more widespread use of the drug. So let us try and have a look at the various new medical benefits and uses of cannabis.

Effective Pain Management With Little Side Effects

New studies and research has shown that controlled used of cannabis along with other opiates could help a lot in managing chronic pain. It is useful after surgery and also for those who are suffering from chronic and unbearable pain caused by cancer and other terminal diseases. However the dosage has to be carefully monitored and the existing medical and physical conditions of the patients has to be considered. However, it might be a safer alternative to some potentially damaging NSAID like ibuprofen and diclofenac sodium.

It Could Help In Multiple Sclerosis

The use of medical marijuana has also been found to be useful for those who are victims of MS or multiple sclerosis. People suffering from MS are victims of extreme muscle stiffness and rigidity. When they are treated with inhalable puffs of cannabis, it has been found to be a great nerve, muscle and tissues relaxant. However studies are still in the nascent stages and more research needs to be done. There is no doubt that it does offer a lot of hope for those suffering from severe neurological disabilities.

It Could Be A Good Drug For Managing Symptoms Associated With Epilepsy

Seizures and epileptic attacks are common with people who suffer from brain disorders. For such groups of patients, there are reasons to believe that choosing medical marijuana as an alternate medication could be an intelligent decision. There are some special ingredients in marijuana which play a big role in controlling and reversing spontaneous seizures which are the hallmark of those who suffer from different stages and kinds of epilepsies.

It Could Help In Improving Appetite

One of the biggest challenges with people suffering from HIV and AIDS is almost a complete and total lack of appetite. This leads to degradation of the overall health and well being. For such patients, use of cannabis could give them a ray of hope. The medications which are given to patients suffering from HIV play a negative role in masking appetite and to overcome this use of cannabis could be a great way forward. However, as mentioned earlier the risks versus benefits associated with the use of marijuana on HIV patients can be best assessed by the doctors who are treating such cases.

Could Reduce Brain Damage From Stroke

Stroke often leads to severe and irreversible damage to the brain because of the plethora of minutely sized nerves and blood vessels that might get impacted. However, when such patients have been put on controlled doses of medical marijuana the damage to the brain tissues, vessels and nerves can be reduced and in many cases even repaired fully. The neurologists have to take a call on the use of marijuana based on the overall condition of the patient.


At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the benefits of using cannabis as a medicine far outweigh the risk of it being used as a substance abuse product. The onus lies on the medical fraternity and the government of the day to ensure that marijuana gets is due place in treating various chronic diseases and medical conditions.